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Top Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened at the Dentist

Dentist comparing teeth whitening results of her patient with that of a model tooth - getting teeth whitened

Whitening procedures performed by a dental professional – or under their direction using professional supplies provided by them – are just as convenient as the over-the-counter products. But beyond that, treatments administered under dental supervision are generally both safer and more effective than getting teeth whitened by over-the-counter products. Here’s why:

Benefit from an Experienced Eye

When you’re getting prepared for a whitening treatment at the dentist, the dental professional will take a quick look at your mouth to see if there are any pre-existing issues that need to be addressed, like obvious decay, gum disease, or even a tooth that shows signs it may need a root canal. You may have come in for a strictly cosmetic treatment, but you’ll benefit from the experienced eye of  a dental professional who can spot a small problems before they become big issues.

Getting Teeth Whitened at the Dentist Means Less Gum Sensitivity

Over-the-counter bleaching treatments, particularly whitening strips, often cause gum sensitivity for the user. That’s because they are one-size-fits-all products, which can overlap onto the gums. Bleaching trays provided by a dentist are fitted to the patient, so the bleach stays on the teeth, not on the gums.

Whitening By Your Dentist Equals Fast Results

Professional solutions used by your dentist are typically stronger than those in over-the-counter kits, so your teeth may whiten more quickly. Pointe Dental Group offers three types of whitening for your convenience. The first is our long-term (customized) tray system. This procedure will give you the absolute maximum whitening effect. Pressed for time? We also offer an in-house whitening procedure that can be done in one visit or a short-term tray system.

Each of our teeth-whitening procedures are:

  • Easy – Our simple and quick systems can be done at home or in the office
  • Pain-free – Whitening systems are a gentle way to a smile makeover
  • Non-invasive – You’ll get a great smile without an intensive procedure
  • Fast – You’ll see results within a few days or even hours

Get Maximum Whitening from Your Dentist

One of the biggest drawbacks with whitening strips and over-the-counter trays is that they’re one-size-fits-all products and may not fit perfectly on your teeth. This can result in uneven and inconsistent whitening. Custom trays from a dentist (or an in-house treatment) will ensure even distribution of the whitening gel and consistent contact with the teeth for maximum results. Remember, existing fillings, bridges, veneers, and crowns will be unaffected by any whitening treatment. Whitening your teeth may make them a different color than these other restorations.

Ready for a Whiter, Brighter Smile?

Whatever whitening method you choose, check with your dentist or dental professional to make sure it’s safe, effective, and right for your dental needs. The dental professionals at Pointe Dental Group can answer all your questions about whitening procedures. Schedule an appointment with us, or call and take the first step toward keeping your smile radiant.

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