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What You Should Know When You’re Preparing for Braces

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Millions of people, from children to adults, are undergoing orthodontic treatment at any given time in America. Despite how increasingly common it is to wear braces, if you were recently told you may need orthodontic treatment, you may have some questions! We can help you as you’re preparing for braces by sharing some of the most important details that you may not have known about your upcoming treatment.

Read on to learn key facts about wearing braces and what to expect!

You Have Options for Your Braces

The first thing to know when preparing for braces is that you have more options than there were in the past. When most people think of braces, the first image that comes to mind is one of traditional metal braces. While these are still popular, due to their reliability and effectiveness, they aren’t the only choices!

At Pointe Dental Group, our orthodontists can go over the several types of braces we offer, and which ones will be available for your treatment:

Traditional Metal Braces – When you think of braces, traditional metal braces are often what come to mind. They work through a system of brackets bonded to the front of your teeth that hold arch wires which gently move your teeth into their ideal position. They offer great results for any type of tooth alignment issue, from minor to complex.

Invisalign – These clear aligners have come a long way. While once used for minor adjustments, Invisalign can now be used for almost any orthodontic treatment! They are practically invisible and are worn for most of the day. Invisalign is a fantastic option which allows you to subtly improve your smile. 

Esthetic Ceramic Braces – Similar to traditional braces, ceramic braces swap most of the metal for ceramic. They’re resistant to staining and often blend in well with your teeth to make them less obvious.

Orthodontic Treatment Isn’t a Sprint

Orthodontic treatment can take months or years to complete. Realigning your teeth is a sensitive task, so rushing it isn’t an option. When you’re preparing for braces, you should expect to commit a significant amount of time to the treatment.

However, the effects of your orthodontic treatment will last a lifetime. A few months or a year of treatment is well-worth a lifetime of healthier teeth, healthy gums and health bones in your mouth. Try not to feel impatient!

You’ll Need Adjustments

Traditional braces involve check-up visits to your orthodontist for the purpose of examining your progress and making adjustments. It’s likely that your orthodontist will need to make minor adjustments several times over the course of your braces.

When your braces are adjusted, it doesn’t mean a mistake was made or that there’s a problem with your treatment. Everyone’s mouth is different, so how they react to the realignment process can differ from expectations.

The best way to avoid problems is to keep an open line of communication with your orthodontist and to not miss any appointments.

Your Diet Will Likely Change

If you’re preparing for braces, you might want to think about your diet and what foods you won’t be able to eat during treatment. Many foods that are sticky or extremely hard aren’t allowed during treatment, as they could damage your braces and set back to your timeline.

Don’t binge on unhealthy foods the day before you get braces but consider enjoying a few of your favorite treats if you won’t be able to eat them for the next few months.

Expect Some Minor Discomfort

Getting new braces is an unusual experience. Your body will need some time to adjust to a foreign object taking up residence in your mouth. The initial few days will be uncomfortable as you get used to your braces.

It’s a good idea to stick to soft foods to help prevent additional soreness or pain during the first few days. You can also take basic over-the-counter pain medications.

One thing to keep in mind is that they shouldn’t be extremely painful. If you have new braces and are experiencing unbearable pain, find a way to meet with your orthodontist as soon as possible. They can examine your braces and make any necessary adjustments.

Remember: It’s Worth It

Especially when you’re young, thinking about the length of the treatment period and the discomfort from braces can feel daunting. Just remember: it’s going to be worth it.

Without orthodontic treatment, your alignment issues could lead to a lifetime of complications. Once you’re done with your treatment, you’ll have a brand-new smile that you can enjoy for years and years.

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