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The Benefits of Healthy Teeth and Gums

A man brushing his teeth to enjoy the benefits of healthy teeth and gums.

It’s easy to take your dental health for granted. At times, your teeth may seem indestructible. But your mouth is surprisingly sensitive to the way you treat it and neglecting your dental care could leave you prone to serious complications! There are several benefits of healthy teeth and gums, and many of them extend well beyond your oral well-being.

Read on to discover how excellent dental care can improve your overall health over the course of your life.

Long-Lasting Smile

While there are many benefits of healthy teeth and gums, the first and most important one is that good dental care is critical for keeping your teeth! They’re one of the most important parts of your body: you need to eat to survive, and our teeth let us eat a wide variety of foods, from crunchy carbs to leafy greens.

Throughout your life, you’ll subject your teeth to all sorts of potentially damaging substances. Acidic foods and drinks are extremely common in the western diet, and sugary or carbohydrate-loaded foods are too. These all feed bacteria that will wear away at your enamel and eventually weaken your teeth.

If you don’t take care of your teeth as a consistent habit, you will eventually begin to suffer long-term effects of poor dental care. The most serious of which is tooth loss!

While modern dentistry has developed several techniques for tooth restoration, it’s always best for your health to keep your natural teeth. When you brush twice a day and floss, you’re far more likely to keep your full, happy smile well into your golden years.

Avoid the Pain

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know they’re no laughing matter. Whether it’s a persistent dull pain or sharp stings whenever you chew, they’re a nightmare until you can visit the dentist! These toothaches are most often caused by cavities.

When bacteria have been given enough time to grow and harden on your teeth, it produces an acidic waste that wears holes into your teeth. The deeper the cavity, the more likely it is for your teeth to signal pain when you chew or expose them to extreme temperatures.

One of the best benefits of healthy teeth is avoiding all the frustration of persistent toothaches. Great dental habits will reduce bacteria in your mouth and prevent it from having a chance to significantly damage your teeth.

Potential to Improve Your Heart Health

One of the interesting benefits of healthy teeth and gums is a healthy heart! While the connection isn’t fully understood, research has shown a correlation between higher risk of heart disease in those with chronic gum disease or periodontal disease.

That doesn’t mean that brushing your teeth every day will prevent heart disease. However, it does mean that if you don’t, you’re statistically more likely to experience heart disease at some point in your life. With all the other benefits of healthy teeth and gums, it’s good to know that it’s also improving your chances at a healthy heart!

Breathe Easy

Like heart health, links have been found between your respiratory and dental wellness too! Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD and pneumonia are caused by bacterial infections in your lower respiratory system. Studies have shown that when you have a higher volume of bacteria in your mouth, your chances of developing these respiratory illnesses rises as well.

That means when you brush and floss your teeth, you’re less likely to develop these potentially critical conditions!

Healthy Teeth Equal Happy Smiles

Your physical health is important, but so is your mental health. When you have gum disease or stained teeth, you’re more likely to become self-conscious about your smile. Most people claim that someone’s smile is the first thing they notice about another person; your concern about your smile could have a big impact on your social life!

Taking good care of your teeth means you can smile wide without a care. That means you can focus on having fun and enjoying yourself – as long as you don’t skip brushing your teeth when you get back home!

Less Inflammation is Good for You

Inflammation is an effect of your body’s immune system. It’s used to help fight off bacteria or infections. However, inflammation can be harmful for your body too.

Chronic inflammation in any part of your body takes a toll on your overall health. It’s linked to increased chances in cancer, heart disease and more.

Gum disease and periodontal disease means your gums are dealing with chronic inflammation due to trying to fight bacteria and plaque. By taking care of your gums, you’re once again improving your total health!

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