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Periodontal disease is an advanced form of gum disease which has severe health consequences. Need a periodontist in Michigan? Contact us today!

At Pointe Dental Group, we offer the following periodontal services:

  • Pocket reduction surgery to treat periodontal disease
  • Extracting hopeless teeth and placing immediate dental implants
  • Bone grafting to build sites for future implant placement (GBR: guided bone regeneration)
  • Sinus lift or simultaneous implant placement for maxillary teeth replacement
  • Treatment of implant related complications (peri-implantitis)
  • Bone grafting to regenerate new bone around teeth (GTR: guided tissue regeneration)
  • Soft tissue grafting to treat root recessions (or to prevent root recessions)
  • Gingival surgery to treat gummy smile line
  • Removal of gingival pigmentation/discoloration
  • Frenum release before/after orthodontic treatment
  • Surgical exposure of impacted teeth during orthodontic treatment
  • Oral cancer screening and tissue biopsy
  • Wisdom teeth (third molar) extractions

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Dr. Mohammad Reshad

Dr. Mohammad Reshad

Dr. Mohammad Reshad earned his DDS accreditation from the Azad University in Iran and continued his education by earning a master’s degree with distinction in Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry at Tehran University.

His hallmark is patient-centered care in which understanding their unique concerns and goals are critical to achieving optimal long-term results. He is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, Academy of Osteointegration, American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association and Michigan Periodontal Association.

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What Patients Say About Pointe Dental Periodontics in Michigan

“Excellent periodontic maintenance, dental care and oral surgery professionals.”

-Michael Glick