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It’s never too late to straighten your teeth! Pointe Dental Group’s orthodontists in southeast Michigan are ready to help adults and seniors achieve a flawless smile

Do You Need Adult Orthodontic Treatment?

Do You Need Adult Orthodontic Treatment?

As you age, your teeth will shift. This can often lead to new risks and issues with your bite. In other cases, children or teenagers don’t get braces even when their dentist and orthodontist recommend them. When they reach adulthood, they fear it’s too late – but it’s not!

Adults and seniors can use the same state-of-the-art technology we use at Pointe Dental Group to correct alignment issues and improve the health of their mouth. We offer several types of braces for your treatment!

Aren’t Braces Typically for Children & Teens?

Not at all! Almost 30% of those wearing braces right now are above the age of 18. Adult orthodontics is a growing field as more and more people realize the oral health benefits of braces even later in life.

Pointe Dental Group Makes Adult Orthodontic Treatment Easy & Comfortable

Advancements in technology have improved orthodontics by leaps and bounds! Treatment times are shorter than ever and newer braces minimize discomfort.

During your consultation, the orthodontist will discuss your options, answer your questions and explain the estimated timeline for your treatment. Many adults find that they can dramatically improve their smile in just one year or less!

Worried About Appearances?

Even adults can be self-conscious about improving their oral health through braces. Fortunately, Pointe Dental Group is a premier provider of Invisalign. These nearly invisible aligners will correct your smile without obvious brackets or wires.

Adult orthodontic treatment will leave you with higher self-esteem, a bigger smile and better oral health!

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Worried About Appearances?