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5 Worst Foods for Teeth and Your Oral Health

Sports drinks are one of the worst foods for teeth

Good overall health includes caring for your teeth! Did you know that teeth require vitamins and nutrients to be healthy and strong just like the rest of your body? Calcium, vitamins A and D, and fiber are all important items to include in your diet. Of course, not all foods are food for your teeth. Read on to learn about the 5 worst foods for teeth from Pointe Dental Group in Shelby Township and Grosse Pointe Farms, MI.


Foods that are Bad for Your Teeth

While many foods promote a healthy mouth with saliva production and other benefits, others can erode enamel or encourage tooth decay. It is hard to avoid eating sugar, even in foods where you least expect it. Here are Pointe Dentals top picks for the worst foods for teeth:


#5 Ice

Why ice? You might wonder why ice is on this list since it is made from water. Well, chewing ice is bad for your teeth since it can lead to cracked or damaged enamel – creating a perfect place for bacteria to hide and grow! So, please leave your ice in the glass.


#4 Bread/Crackers

Enzymes in your saliva break down starches in white bread and crackers as you chew them, leaving a paste of sugary residue to hide in between your teeth. When purchasing bread, opt for a whole wheat or whole grain option with less added sugars.


#3 Sticky Foods

Sticky foods like gummy candy and dried fruits are a sure-fire way to increase your chances of cavities! Their sticky surfaces cling to teeth and wedge between them, leaving behind lots of sugar that can easily lead to gum disease. If you enjoy these foods, remember to rinse with water and brush and floss right away!


#2 Sports Drinks/Sodas

We all know that sodas are no good for any aspect of your health, including your teeth! Their acidic nature and high sugar content are a recipe for disaster when consumed regularly. But did you know that sports drinks are just as bad, if not worse? They are packed with sugar and acids that can cause significant erosion to your tooth enamel. Stick to water to quench your thirst!


#1 Acidic Foods

Acidic foods like citrus fruits and pickles in our diet can lead to wear and tear on your pearly whites. When enamel has been eroded away, your teeth are more vulnerable to decay. Remember to drink plenty of water when consuming these delicious foods!


Bonus! Coffee and Wine Make the Worst Foods for Teeth List

Consuming coffee or wine adds to the acid that you are exposing your teeth to on a regular basis. Plus, they are both stain-causing culprits! Red wine contains substances known as chromogens that discolor your teeth and the tannins also dry out your mouth and worsen stains. Coffee stains appear brown and build up over time. They also tend to be resistant to brushing and sticky – so they attract particles and bacteria.


Healthy Habits Keep Food Damage Away

You don’t need to cut these foods completely from your diet, but you should practice the following tips to keep your teeth healthy!


  • Practice moderation in consuming dark-colored beverages
  • Use a straw to bypass contact with your teeth
  • Don’t sip over time
  • Rinse with water after eating or drinking
  • Brush and floss regularly – but not immediately after consuming acidic foods


Remember, tooth enamel is weakened by acid and vulnerable to the abrasive brushing. You could make damage worse. Stick to rinsing until about an hour after having anything acidic.


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